Monday, September 25, 2006


Ota et al. find no evidence using Suzaku data for bulk motions in the Centaurus cluster in contrast to the claim using Chandra data.

Weisskopf et al. place stringent upper limits on X-ray emission from a single, cool, magnetic WD. They also note a statistical methodology for detecting a source when there are very few counts in the source and background.

Schwope et al. conclude on the basis of deep XMM spectroscopy that one at least of the two absorption lines in the spectrum of the isolated NS RBS1223 must be of atomic origin because their flux ratio is not consistent with a cyclotron origin for both.

Balestra et al. combine the analysis of Chandra observations of 56 clusters to examine the Fe abundance change with redshift finding a decrease parametrized as (1+z)^-1.25.

Cen shows that if gas disk accretion onto a SMBH is only efficient for a surface density > 10g/cm^2 then the SMBH mass - bulge velocity dispersion relation results.

Kondratko et al. report the discovery of 5 more AGN with water masers.

Schmidt & Allen present Chandra observations of 34 massive, dynamically relaxed clusters and find that the NFW model provides an acceptable fit in ~80% of cases.

Jeffery et al. support the proposal that the SNIa 2003fg had a progenitor above the Chandrasekhar limit.

Bogdanovic et al. discuss possible EM signals from close binary SMBH.

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