Monday, January 01, 2007


Gruzinov estimates molecular viscosity in the ICM due to magnetic fields and finds a value large enough to noticeably damp turbulence.

von der Linden et al. construct a sample of 625 brights group and cluster galaxies from the SDSS and compare their properties with other ellipticals.

Best et al. use their sample of BCGs to show that BCGs are preferentially radio-loud and consider the consequences for cooling cores.

Pfrommer et al. calculate the effects of cosmic rays on the X-ray luminosity and S-Z decrement of clusters of galaxies.

Mix et al. present a primer on astrobiology.

Gilli et al. detail their latest CXB synthesis.

Scargle et al. discuss the problem of testing quantum gravity with timing data on GRBs.

Liddle reviews approaches to the problem of selecting between competing models.

Takei et al. claim a detection of the WHIM in the direction of X Comae both in absorption using the XMM RGS and emission using EPIC.

Nevaleinen et al. look at XMM observations of 4 clusters with previous claims of soft excesses and conclude that there are still significant calibration problems at low energies in either the MOS or PN (or perhaps) both which make it impossible to conclude whether or not there is a soft excess.

Kallman & Palmeri review atomic data sources of relevance for astronomy.

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