Monday, January 08, 2007


Bauer et al. use XMM RGS and EPIC observations to investigate the starburst outflow from NGC253. They use cross-dispersion profiles to map the distribution of prominent ions.

Dimopolous et al. propose various laboratory tests of GR using atom interferometry.

Liddle et al. discusses Bayesian evidence for techniques for dark energy.

Petrosian et al. report on RXTE observations of the "bullet cluster".

Clowe et al. present weak lensing results on the cluster 1E0657-558 which shows that the baryon (X-ray emitting) peak is not at the same position as the dark matter peak.

Wheatley & Kallman note the striking similarity between the X-ray spectra of the symbiotic star CH Cyg and Seyfert II - the soft component in both is due to scattering off a photoionized medium.

Dravina reviews quantum optical effects which may be of interest in astronomy.

Ford & Gregory discuss Bayesian model selection in planet searches.

Coble et al. present results on 28.5 GHz radio sources in 90 cluster fields. They find 9 times more sources in cluster cores than in the outskirts which themselves are 3 times overdense in sources relative to the field.

Barnes et al. present the S2PLOT 3-D graphics library.

Churazov et al. use Earth-occulting INTEGRAL observations to measure the CXB from 5-100 keV. They find results consistent to HEAO-1 but with a 10% higher normalization.

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