Thursday, January 25, 2007


Roncarelli et al. calculate the thermal and kinetic SZ signals from a large cosmology simulation and look at correlations with the soft X-ray signal.

Bolton et al. use strong lensing data to replace the surface brightness with mass density in the fundamental plane relation for ellipticals and show that the variance decreases and the tilt is removed implying that early type galaxies are an homologous sequence varying in mass-to-light ratio.

Mathews & Brighenti describe how cosmic rays produced by an AGN generate the cavities and radio sources seen in X-ray emitting clusters.

Edmondson et al. discuss frequentist and Bayesian estimation of photometric redshifts.

Krivinos et al. present results from the Integral/IBIS all-sky survey in the 17-60 keV band.

Ghosh & Raychaudhuri discuss the effect of systematic errors on time series data.

Shaw et al. describe a more efficient scheme for Bayesian inference in cosmology and make available their code.

Kalirai et al. use HST images to measure the proper motion of the globular cluster NGC6397 with respect to the population of background galaxies in the field.

Markevitch & Vihklinin review shocks and cold fronts in the ICM.

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