Thursday, March 13, 2008

suzaku xis response generation

Enabled the automated response generation in xselect for Suzaku XIS spectra. I'm still waiting for a decision from the XIS team on what default energy and channel binning to use in the response matrix. Ishisaki-san has suggested that the correct estepfile option for xissimarfgen is "medium" so the response generation uses this.

Currently using a "medium" binning scheme which produces 2048 channels. Spectra extracted from xselect are binned using this scheme whether or not the automated response generation is used.

Note that I also modified the MDB code to allow trailing wild cards eg XIS* will match to any of XIS0, XIS1, XIS2, or XIS3.

Also, updated addascaspec so it runs correctly if there is no ARF used.

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