Friday, March 28, 2008

xspec updates

A number of updates and bug fixes, mainly minor.

12.4.0p This is the fix for suzpsf alluded to earlier.

12.4.0q CHANTYPE was not being set correctly after fakeit none leading to confusing warning messages.

12.4.0r A generalization of fakeit to work correctly with multiple models as requested by K.D. Kuntz.

12.4.0s A couple of patches for plot eff bizarreness that I ran across.

12.4.0t Fix for a seg fault in data when the user gives the filename as empty double quotes.

12.4.0u A fix for unusual compiler configurations.

12.4.0v Allow the unnamed model to be turned on and off.

12.4.0w Correction for a bug when using non-standard weighting and toggling between chi and cstat statistics.

Patches are available from the usual place.

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