Friday, March 07, 2008

suzpsf model in xspec

As noted yesterday the current version of suzpsf assumes the WMAP is in sky coordinates, which is no longer true. I've now fixed this. There are two changes required. Firstly, extractor has been modified (v4.83) to write the REF* keywords which XMM files use to record the original sky WCS keywords. Secondly, the suzpsf model has been modified to use these keywords (as the xmmpsf model already did).

To fix spectra that were created using older versions of extractor add the following keywords to the primary header with the values of the corresponding keywords from the EVENTS extension of the input event file.
REFXCRVL <- TRCVL10 from events files
REFXCRPX <- TCRPX10 from events files
REFXCDLT <- TCDLT10 from events files
REFYCRVL <- TRCVL11 from events files
REFYCRPX <- TCRPX11 from events files
REFYCDLT <- TCDLT11 from events files

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